Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For Jade, wherever I may find her

I'm currently in an airport in Phoenix, waiting for my next flight. Layovers here always remind me of a particular layover that I spent here once.

I was flying from California and my connecting flight was late. There was one other guy who was also trying to make that connection. The others on our flight let us off the plane first and we both ran from one terminal to the next, trying to make it in time – but the plane had already departed before we'd landed.

So we stopped at a gate and began the process of getting set up to take a different flight home. There were two employees helping us: a middle-aged woman whose name escapes me and a woman my age named Jade. Jade took my boarding pass and immediately noticed the email address I'd used to book my flight.

She looked at me and asked, "Petey blue eyes, huh?"

I just smiled and said something like, "It's the little things in life."

I didn't have a baggage tag for some reason. I'm not really sure what went wrong, but Jade went through my papers and even went through the little trash can they used for ticket stubs and the like in an attempt to figure out where my bag had gone.

My compatriot and I had just run a quarter mile carrying our bags and had been concerned about making our flight. By this point, it was clear that we'd arrive later than planned but that we'd arrive. As Jade was looking through her little trash bin, I sighed and let the tension go.

Jade looked up, hurt. She accused me of trying to make her feel badly. I hadn't meant anything by it, so I said the only thing I could in that situation.

"Jade, I'm just trying to get your attention."

She rewarded me with a smile. "You really are Petey blue eyes!"

Soon our business had concluded and it was time for me to move on. I don't remember what else, if anything, either of us said. I just know that every time I fly through here, I wonder if I'll see her again. I wonder if I'll recognize her and if she'll remember me. The likelihood isn't large, but stranger things have happened. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get some food.

I'll keep my eyes open.