Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little gratitude

Because of the swelling, I sometimes have a bit of difficulty breathing. It's not as if my breathing is totally impaired, but sometimes it's not as easy as I'd like. And since the inability to breathe is my greatest (physical) fear, the whole experience has been quite unpleasant in that regard.

The purpose of this post is not to focus on the discomfort, but on my blessings. On two occasions, I have received priesthood blessings (the same as Peter and the apostles of old gave in the New Testament - by the authority and in the name of Jesus Christ) that promised me that I would have health and that I would be all right.

I cannot say that my faith is so unshakable that I never felt any trauma for a moment. I hope that a bit of adrenaline when I had to strain to breathe is excusable. But I knew all along that the Lord was taking care of me. If I hadn't been sure of that, I'm sure I would have had a much harder time sleeping these last few days.

Any family will attest that I have been sleeping more than enough since Monday.

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